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The role of air filter
Engine will suck very much air during working. If the air without filtration. The dust which suspended in the air will be sucked into the cylinder. It will accelerate the wear of the piston and cylinder group. The larger particles go into between the piston and the cylinder will cause serious.”cylinder” phenomenon.which in the dry sandy environment is particularly serious. Air filter is installed in the front of carburetor or intake pipe. So it will filtrate the dust and sand in air, to ensure adequate clean air access to the cylinder. In the addition, the designed filter also play the role of air intake and silencer.

Good material 
Product is adopt to use high optical thick galvanized steel plate . diamond-shape galvanized steel mesh,high-tech Binzhou paper pulp(all raw material import from U.S.). special sealing gasket, high-class foam rubber(adopt to use the most recent domestic plastic process,in strict accordance with the proportion of preparation.

Excellent work
Our products not only focus on using the most advanced filter materials.but also take more stringent requirments in the technological aspects.We adopt to use mesh bite and match technical.professional gule stick to stick the filter interface. Add bottom filter ring base on traditional process to make it meet the ergonomic requirments. The filter paper we added not only increase the product is aesthetics but also make the air intake more scientific.

Reasonable design
Our company focus on new product development to make it more consistent with the use and maintenance of engines and aesthetic requirements. We produce K1 Steyr green.K1 Auman red series.and for huge aftermarket and mine area. we produce import paper series to make it more consistent with overloading and the reality of the dirty work environment.

Compared the lower price products in the other market .you can save 1.1—1.3 liters fuel per kilometer using our products.

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